Low cost, high voltage cathodes for 

alkali- ion batteries

Low cost, high voltage cathodes for alkali-ion batteries

US Patent Application 17/148,446 dated 1/13/2021. 

Nrgtek Inc. has created a new, low-cost cathode material for lithium-ion battery (LiB), which does not use heavy/transition metals (cobalt, nickel, manganese, aluminum etc). The new cathode has a higher voltage and improved energy capacity and power density than current LiB (with graphitic anodes) and NaIB systems (with hard carbon anodes).

The new cathode material is a drop-in replacement for current LiB manufacturing lines. One of the main advantages of the patented new LiB cathode is the use of low-cost sustainable raw materials, widely available in the US and internationally.

Discharge curve of NaIB with our cathode material in coin cells

Technology development is ongoing with new solid-state electrolytes for use in the above battery systems (lithium-, sodium- and potassium-ion batteries).

US Patent 11,101,485: background technology